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aerial landscape photograph of the Breeza plains at Dawn in the North West of New South Wales

Aerial Punkin

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Operating from Lismore, NSW, Australia or anywhere you want.

a little bit about me...

Photograph by Mark Akasha

Photograph by Rohan Langford

about me
black and white photograph of Aerial Punkin

My story as a drone nerd begun in 2008 when I developed a strong interest in flying and building collective pitch radio controlled helicopters, these model aircraft  required a much higher level of skill than modern day drones so I spent lots of time repairing. As time and technology progressed flying drones was an inevitability for me.

I currently use, build and design Drones mostly for insurance inspections, filming, photography, map making, relaxation, racing and possibly whatever you might be thinking as you read this.

I've contributed footage for many short films, documentaries and campaigns over the last 9 years, largely to do with protection of our environment, and Australian first nations stories, as these are my passions. I'm largely motivated to be involved with projects that have cultural and environmental significance, but will happily take on work of a more commercial nature.

I come from a background in the arts, dabbling in music, media, sculpture, photography and painting over the years. When I started flying drones to capture video in 2014 it was at the bequest of a local documentary maker, this has seen me invest in film making equipment and learn how to edit. I see lots of opportunities for giving a platform to the many stories that every day people have to tell of their struggles with life and I hope to document more of this as I progress.

I can provide good quality stable and engaging aerial footage, photography, video editing, map making and always happy to have a chat regarding other ideas you may have around what a drone could do for you.

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