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Beautiful Rocky Creek, no Dunoon Dam

This stretch of Rocky Creek in the Channon, New South Wales, is under threat from a proposed dam in Dunoon. I believe this would be a terrible loss, not only does it have beautiful clear water, it is home to rare species of fauna and fauna, not least among them fresh water mussels, fresh water crayfish, platypus, bass which do not do well in the degraded creek systems further down.

Lismore Flood Fest 2022

A collection of images and sounds resulting from the 2022 February 28th Flood event in Lismore which reached 14.4 metres, almost 2 metres above previous flood heights, and almost 4 metres above what the previous days predictions were.

Features Aerial and handheld footage.

Nature of Drone showreel

here is a small collection of moments I've captured over the last few years, with and without a drone. For me Nature is the work of a divine artist, and my favourite subject, It contains so many wonders and is the most precious thing we could ever know, yet it is so easily taken for granted.


music made by me with guitar by Mark Akasha 

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