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a little bit about me...

My story as a drone nerd begun in 2008 when I developed a strong interest in flying and building collective pitch radio controlled helicopters, these model aircraft  required a much higher level of skill than modern day drones so I spent lots of time repairing. As time and technology progressed flying drones was an inevitability.

The ability to create 3d maps with drones is a relatively new technology which is becoming increasingly more advanced and accessible. The processing of geo referenced photographs can provide 3d, 2d, contour and elevation maps, even without using traditional surveying tools this can provide a surprising level of accuracy, combined with survey tools accuracy can be improved to within cms. Currently I provide this service as a documenting service for a local civil earthworks company so that they can monitor and provide a record of their progress. I plan on developing this further to work with CAD landscape designers to provide concepts for community living within a permacultural design framework.

Film is the modern medium for story telling, and there are great stories happening all around us that need to be told and shared so that as a species we can learn to co exist better with the world that we live in. To contribute to this sharing of knowledge is what drives me on to create media which can connect people with nature and the need to preserve it.

I've always had a passion for music, art and nature, flying drones unites these interests.

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