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Sell property with 3d Maps and Video

This is a video and 3d map of the same property, the problem with trying to sell a property like this is that much of the property is obscured from the entrance. When a 3d map and video are used in combination potential buyers can get a much more interactive feel of for the property from online.

The 3d maps can be linked to from most real estate web packages just by providing a URL.

Aerial Video

Aerial Video has proven to be a successful way to sell property online, combine this with a 3d map of the property and clients can see whether the property suits their needs without even having to set foot on the property.

3d maps
3d maps

A 3d map is like an aerial photograph that can be viewed from any angle and moved through for a first person view experience of the property. This is not a replacement for video and photography, however it can help potential buyers see exactly where roads, creeks, buildings, dams, hills and other features are laid out in an interactive way.

3 dimensional map navigation tips

Navigating these maps is done in a number of ways depending on how they are being viewed.


If using a desktop and mouse then:

  • scroll wheel : zoom in/out

  • left click hold and drag: rotate

  • double click/tap: rotate around selected area

  • right click and drag: shifts the whole model

If using a macbook, or any laptop without a mouse or right click option then:

  • two fingers swipe or 'pinch': zoom in/out

  • left click (click) hold and drag: rotate

  • double click/tap: rotate around selected area

  • hold 'shift' and drag: shifts the whole model

The same range of movements can be used on mobile devices too, this may vary depending on the device, using a laptop or desktop computer with a mouse is more likely to give you a better experience in viewing the maps!
​3d Maps are CPU intensive, it can be difficult loading the maps on mobile devices, if the page crashes, sometimes refreshing it will get the map loaded.
For Best results try using chrome or firefox and that devices are up to date
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